Execute the following milestones

These milestones show how to proceed. They are listed in the order of execution. Start with #1 and than continue one by one. Refer to the links they give more detailed guidance. You can also refer to the Jump start meeting presentation from June 24th:
  1. Review the presentation 
  2. Chose the project and its name
  3. Sign a CVUT MediaLab Foundation (our sponsor) contract 
  4. Sign up on the contact board
  5. Set the project web page - include eClub and CVUT MediaLab logos 
  6. Write an essay 
  7. Include the essay and a CV to your web page
  8. To access the computational resources sign up to Metacentrum (Vondra) 
  9. If you need an access to data in Metacentrum sign the Seznam NDA
  10. Prepare the technology overview
  11. Select the best approach 
  12. Program, run or copy the selected approach
  13. Improve or finish the solution
  14. Write the final report
  15. Write four page presentation